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Heavy-Duty Grating Applications and Top Product Picks

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Feb 26, 2024 1:45:38 PM

Heavy-duty grating plays a pivotal role in various industrial and commercial settings. It can be a critical component that promotes safety, durability, and efficiency in a wide range of applications. In this blog post, we will give an overview of heavy-duty grating, understanding its significance, key characteristics, surface options, types of heavy-duty fiberglass grating, applications, and the various benefits it offers. Whether you are in manufacturing, chemical plants, or involved in infrastructure projects, this post will help you make informed decisions about the best heavy-duty grating for your needs.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating

Fiberglass Decking and Deck Grating for Wet Environments

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Dec 21, 2023 9:30:00 AM

Wet environments demand strict attention to safety and durability for flooring surfaces. Fiberglass decking and deck grating, specifically fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products, offer robust solutions. This quick guide covers their definition, benefits, installation, maintenance, and safety compliance as well as real-world applications.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating, FRP Decking

Three Popular Ways to Use 4x8 Fiberglass Grating Panels - Plus Our Top Product Picks

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Dec 18, 2023 12:32:20 PM

4 foot by 8 foot fiberglass grating panels, especially molded grating products, have truly carved out a niche as a preferred material choice for residential and commercial spaces and even for heavy industrial and food processing applications. This is in part due to their incredible adaptability and ease of handling, particularly in comparison to steel grating. Nearly endlessly versatile, fiberglass grating panels can be easily customized in the field using basic hand tools. In this high-level exploration, we will delve into the types of resins available for fiberglass reinforced plastic grating panels and look at three popular applications.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating

Exploring the Versatile Applications of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Grating

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Dec 18, 2023 12:29:55 PM

Well-made plastic grating is a versatile material that finds its applications in myriad industries and settings. Read on as we delve into how fiberglass reinforced plastic grating can be used across many industries and use cases.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Corrosion Resistant, Construction, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating

Explore Your Options for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) in Slip Resistant Flooring and Decking Projects

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Oct 9, 2023 12:58:15 PM

With OSHA reporting more than 200,000 injuries from falls, slips, and trips, proactively preventing these incidents with slip resistant flooring and decking simply makes good economic sense. Whether beginning a new project or making an existing space safer, it is a smart move to choose cost-effective materials that deliver exceptional long-term value while prioritizing safety. For these reasons and more, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) can be an outstanding slip resistant flooring choice — both for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Topics: FRP, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating, Low Maintenance

Strength, Safety, and Durability: Benefits of Fiberglass Floor Grating

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Sep 14, 2023 8:52:00 AM

Fiberglass floor grating is a versatile and highly advantageous option for flooring across many applications. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a highly engineered composite material that consists of glass fibers embedded in a polymer resin matrix. The resulting floor grating is lightweight yet very strong and durable, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and even residential projects. Let’s take a closer look.

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Topics: FRP, Slip Resistant, Pultruded Grating, flooring

Steel Alternatives: Learn about Heavy Duty FRP Grating

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Sep 12, 2023 8:44:53 AM

The need to control construction costs without sacrificing safety and durability has made fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating a popular option to replace traditional materials like steel, aluminum, and wood. FRP grating comes in several varieties, each with its own unique characteristics. However, all Fibergrate FRP products share some characteristics:

  • Lightweight with low installation costs
  • Corrosion resistant, fire retardant, and non-conductive
  • High strength-to-weight ratio with a long service life
These advantages contribute to FRP gratings’ versatility across numerous applications, especially where safety and weight ratings are crucial factors to consider. For jobs featuring demanding loads and stressors, heavy duty FRP grating materials—also called High Load grating—is engineered for even higher performance.

In this blog post, we will explore what a load rating is and delve into the characteristics of regular FRP grating compared to heavy duty FRP grating. We will also compare the performance of heavy duty FRP with steel for similar applications and discuss various scenarios where heavy duty FRP may be the optimal choice. 

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Molded Grating Resin, Molded Grating, Pultruded Grating, Low Maintenance, FRP Decking

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