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Three Popular Ways to Use 4x8 Fiberglass Grating Panels - Plus Our Top Product Picks

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Dec 18, 2023 12:32:20 PM

Three Popular Ways to Use 4x8 Fiberglass Grating Panels - Plus Our Top Product Picks

4 foot by 8 foot fiberglass grating panels, especially molded grating products, have truly carved out a niche as a preferred material choice for residential and commercial spaces and even for heavy industrial and food processing applications. This is in part due to their incredible adaptability and ease of handling, particularly in comparison to steel grating. Nearly endlessly versatile, fiberglass grating panels can be easily customized in the field using basic hand tools. In this high-level exploration, we will delve into the types of resins available for fiberglass reinforced plastic grating panels and look at three popular applications.

4x8 fiberglass grating

PHOTO 1: Fibergrate 4x8 fiberglass grating panels on the rooftop of a food & beverage plant


Types of FRP Available in 4x8 Panel Sizes

Fibergrate offers a variety of 4x8 molded fiberglass grating panels with varying mesh configurations designed for an assortment of applications. Whether you need a lightweight shade/screening mesh grating or a more robust grating that can withstand high loads. In addition to the various mesh configurations, there are also a variety of resin formulations, each designed to deliver different benefits in different use cases:

  • Vi-Corr® is a vinyl ester resin engineered to be ideal for challenging environments, offering exceptional resistance to highly corrosive conditions, from caustic to acidic. Vi-Corr outperforms all other resin systems in highly acidic environments and has a flame spread ASTM E84 rating of 25 or less. Vi-Corr fiberglass panels are available in orange or dark gray and it hold various certifications, including DNV GL and ABS approvals.

  • FGI-AM®: Designed for the food and beverage industry, this isophthalic polyester resin not only provides corrosion resistance but also has antimicrobial properties. It is available in light gray or green, with a low flame spread rating, and is USDA-approvable.

  • Corvex®: This improved isophthalic polyester resin is suitable for industrial, chemical processing, and water/wastewater applications. Available in yellow, dark gray, or dark green, it meets USCG requirements for general fire rating.

  • XFR: For high-fire-risk environments, XFR is an extra fire-retardant vinyl ester resin. With an ASTM E84 rating of 10 or less, its low flame spread rating is unmatched by other resin systems and meets USCG requirements for general fire rating.

  • ELS: Extremely Low Smoke resin is perfect for confined spaces like tunnels, offshore installations, and mass transit. It exhibits low ignitability, low smoke generation, and extremely low smoke toxicity. ELS comes in dark gray and holds various certifications.

    Super Vi-Corr®: With over 30 custom formulas, this resin family is engineered for extreme chemical resistance and elevated temperature applications. It is used in environments with aggressive chemicals and high temperatures, making it highly specialized.

Popular Applications for 4x8 Fiberglass Grating Panels

There are three popular ways 4x8 fiberglass grating products are used. Whether you are a construction professional seeking the ideal material for your project or simply curious about the creative possibilities fiberglass grating panels offer, you will have a high-level understanding of the breadth of options for 4x8 fiberglass grating products.

1. Industrial Flooring Solutions

Fiberglass grating panels are an excellent choice for industrial flooring due to their non-slip properties. They find extensive use in factories, warehouses, and chemical processing plants where safety and durability are paramount. These panels are easy to maintain, contributing to cost savings over time. 

2. Aquatic Environments and Marine Structures

The corrosion-resistant aspect of well-made FRP makes it a top choice for aquatic environments and marine structures. FRP excels in applications such as marinas, docks, and boat decks where constant exposure to water and salt can corrode traditional materials. In these environments, 4x8 fiberglass grating panels offer longevity, reduced maintenance, and an appealing aesthetic.

3. Architectural and Aesthetic Enhancements

Beyond functionality, 4x8 fiberglass grating panels can serve as decorative elements in architectural projects. They are used in pedestrian walkways, bridges, and public spaces to add a unique touch to the design. Being lightweight, customizable, and versatile in design, FRP panels open up opportunities for creative architectural solutions

fiberglass panelsPHOTO 2: Fibergrate fiberglass panels in a marine application

As you explore innovative applications, remember your local Fibergrate representative is always ready to help you choose the right materials for your project. We are also interested in hearing about innovative use cases from our customers, so please reach out and share your ideas with our engineering team.


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