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Park and Playground Shade Structures for Outdoor Fun & Safety

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Oct 12, 2023 8:45:00 AM

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, parks and playgrounds are at the top of the list for families and communities. These spaces provide opportunities for recreation, exercise, and social interaction. However, as much as we love the sun, prolonged exposure to its rays can pose risks, especially for children. Plus, playground structures can get very hot, making skin contact painful. In this blog post, we will explore some benefits of playground shade structures. 

Read on to learn about some real life examples of how fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) materials can play a part in creating shady recreational areas, offering a solution that enhances outdoor spaces while prioritizing safety and comfort.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Corrosion Resistant, Architecture, architectural, shade structure, outdoor, uv resistance, recreational, playground

Fiberglass Strengthens Mines: Economic Benefits of FRP Grating in Mining Environment

Posted by Swati Rathore on Sep 28, 2023 10:03:28 AM

The evolution of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating and structural products has played a pivotal role in advancing the infrastructure of the mining industry. The combination of FRP’s lightweight design, high strength, corrosion resistance, and durability allows FRP products to outperform traditional materials such as steel and other metals.

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Topics: FRP, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Safety, Hazard Control, Corrosion Resistant, Slip Resistant, Architecture, Construction, Molded Grating, Low Installation Cost, Light Weight, Long Service Life, Metals & Mining

Commercial Shade Structures: Go Beyond Function to Elevate & Add Value

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Sep 25, 2023 11:03:00 AM

From inviting patios to sophisticated outdoor lounges and shaded walkways, commercial shade structures have the potential to offer more than just sun protection. With careful planning and deliberate material selection, a commercial shade structure project can elevate aesthetics, enhance property value, and even create new revenue streams for businesses and property owners. 

Here, we will explore the ways these shade structures can transform outdoor spaces and contribute to the overall value of commercial properties. We will also examine real-life examples of how fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) materials have helped create impactful commercial shade structure installations.

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Topics: FRP, Benefits, Corrosion Resistant, Architecture, architectural, shade structure, outdoor, uv resistance

Transforming Spaces: Showcasing 4 Top Projects with FRP Grating and Pedestals

Posted by Swati Rathore on Aug 8, 2023 10:35:12 AM

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating paired with pedestals has become a popular choice for architects, engineers, and DIYers when it comes to transforming spaces. FRP gratings’ lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant properties make them ideal for a wide range of applications, and the pedestals allow for reduced preparation time, are adaptable, and allow for drainage. This article will highlight four state-of-the-art projects where FRP grating used with pedestals has played a pivotal role. From grand hotels with stunning water fountains to industrial facilities requiring reliable flooring solutions, these projects demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of FRP materials in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of various spaces. Discover the innovative applications and success stories that showcase the power of FRP in transforming environments. 

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Discover the Long Lasting Solution to Slippery Stairs

Posted by Don Albrecht on Feb 12, 2015 1:20:00 PM

Faced with the safety problem of slippery steps and slick landing on an outdoor stairway at their facility, the facilities engineer at UPS was looking for solutions that would provide long lasting slip resistant stair steps and a platform landing. This stairway was the only way to access the driver dispatch office from the truck terminal parking lot. During rainy weather, the stairs became even more hazardous when the oily surface became wet.

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Topics: FRP, Slip Resistant, Architecture, Stairs, Stair Tread Covers

Some of the Most Beautiful Terraces...with a Secret!

Posted by Brittany Fossier on Jul 25, 2014 2:35:00 PM

Urban living is once again becoming more and more popular as the population flocks to the city, the need for alternative outdoor living is becoming increasingly present.  People are turning to rooftops as a way to have an outdoor garden and/or living area in the city.  There are becoming extremely unique and are a great opportunity to make a statement.

While rooftop terraces are beautiful, they also come with a unique set of obstacles.  If not designed properly, rooftop terraces will collect water and form unwanted puddles.  However, a terrace designed properly will include plans for draining water.  

Various products allow for proper drainage.  In order to chose the proper one, you must consider when elements will be exposed to these products and the maintenance requirements for each.

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Topics: Architecture

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