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Transforming Spaces: Showcasing 4 Top Projects with FRP Grating and Pedestals

Posted by Swati Rathore on Aug 8, 2023 10:35:12 AM

fiberglass frp grating with pedestals

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating paired with pedestals has become a popular choice for architects, engineers, and DIYers when it comes to transforming spaces. FRP gratings’ lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant properties make them ideal for a wide range of applications, and the pedestals allow for reduced preparation time, are adaptable, and allow for drainage. This article will highlight four state-of-the-art projects where FRP grating used with pedestals has played a pivotal role. From grand hotels with stunning water fountains to industrial facilities requiring reliable flooring solutions, these projects demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of FRP materials in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of various spaces. Discover the innovative applications and success stories that showcase the power of FRP in transforming environments. 


1. Elevating the Rooftop Pool Deck Experience with Bison Pedestals 

frp decking, decking pedestals, decking support, rooftop pool deck

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona 

Application: Rooftop Pool Deck 

Fibergrate Products: Micro-Mesh® Molded Grating and Bison Decking Pedestals 

This newly constructed apartment complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, sought a flooring solution for their resort-style rooftop pool deck. The landscape architecture firm faced the challenge of finding a lightweight material that could drain water effectively, resist exposure to chlorine and other chemicals, and offer durability, so they turned to Fibergrate for a suitable solution. 

Fibergrate team decided to opt for Micro-Mesh molded FRP grating with a meniscus surface, complemented by Bison grating pedestals for sturdy support. The open design of the grating allowed water to flow through the surrounding turf, preventing water accumulation. The light weight of the FRP grating facilitated easy installation while its corrosion resistant properties promised reduced maintenance and long product life. 

The customer was highly satisfied with the solution provided by Fibergrate and the residents now enjoy the benefits of fiberglass decking and a safe rooftop area that will last for decades to come. 

Elevated Rooftop Deck 


2. Using Benefits of Fiberglass Pools to Unleash Employee Happiness

 fiberglass grating, grating pedestals, office rooftop deck

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan  

Application: Rooftop Recreational Area for Employees with Pets  

Fibergrate Products: Vi-Corr® Micro-Mesh® FRP Grating with Bison Grating Pedestals 

This award-winning family-owned business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, came up with an innovative "Bring your pet to work" initiative. For this, they required a rooftop area where employees' pets could walk, relieve themselves, and socialize; however, they had a hard time finding suitable materials to withstand the city’s rainy climate, frequent snowfall, and the need for resistance to acids in animal urine. 

After careful consideration, the Fibergrate team recommended using Vi-Corr Micro-Mesh molded grating with Bison deck support pedestals. This material offered corrosion resistance, lightweight properties, and an open mesh design that allowed rainwater and melted snow to drain effectively, preventing damage to the rooftop and reducing maintenance.  

Overall, Fibergrate's expertise in composite materials not only provided a safe and clean space for pets but, also, offered long-term cost savings for the client by eliminating the need for extensive roof repairs. 

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3. Optimizing MRI Environments with FRP Grating and Pedestals 

 frp grating, grating support, pedestal systems, access flooring system, mriflooring, nonmagnetic flooring

Location: Los Angeles, California  

Application: Access Flooring System for MRI Rooms 

Fibergrate Products: Micro-Mesh® Molded Grating Panels Covered with a High-Pressure Laminate and Grating Pedestals 

A university in California embarked on the renovation of a five-story building, aiming to transform it into a cutting-edge research facility. The architects faced several challenges when selecting suitable materials for the project. The materials used in the MRI rooms needed to be non-resonant to prevent interference with the machinery. Additionally, an elevated access flooring solution was necessary to house cables and equipment with easy access for repairs and upgrades. Lastly, the flooring solution had to be adaptable to fit the unique dimensions of the rooms, designed in 1952. 

Fibergrate offered a non-magnetic access flooring system comprising Micro-Mesh molded grating panels covered with a high-pressure laminate and supported by pedestals. This system provided ample space beneath the floor surface for cable equipment. The lightweight panels could be easily removed for access for repairs and upgrades. Fibergrate's lightweight FRP products were also easy to fabricate and install.  

The architectural firm appreciated the results as Fibergrate's MRI room panels provided a modern tile-like appearance with beveled edges, offering a sleek look while maintaining a smooth walking surface.

MRI Room Non-Magnetic Access Flooring System 

4. FRP Grating and Pedestals Bring Functionality and Aesthetics to Fountain Access Flooring

 fountain grating, grating pedestals, fountain access flooring

Location: Macau, China 

Application: Access Flooring System for Fountain 

Product: Covered Molded Grating and Grating Pedestals 

This 28-story grand hotel in China had over 1,500 rooms, suites and villas, 13 restaurants, and a massive 424,000-square-foot casino. Its main attraction was an eight-acre performance lake with choreographed fountains, accompanied by music and lights. The hotel staff approached FIbergrate with a need to protect and cover the wires and pumps of the fountain.  

The solution came in the form of Fibergrate's FRP covered molded grating paired with decking pedestals. These lightweight and corrosion resistant materials were chosen due to their ability to withstand the chemicals used for cleaning the fountain's water. The FRP panels served as an access flooring system while the deck support pedestals provided sturdy support. A special surface finish was applied to the grating allowing the client to apply a black coating to match the location’s aesthetic. This choice minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing downtime for the performance lake show. 

Fibergrate's successful bid for this project marked the beginning of our Asia Pacific business expansion plan. The hotel's satisfaction with the project served as an excellent starting point for Fibergrate's expansion in the region. 

Access Flooring System for Fountain

 From rooftop decks to MRI flooring systems, the solutions provided by FRP grating paired with pedestal systems are endless. These projects demonstrate some of the benefits of using fiberglass reinforced plastic materials. Fibergrate's expertise and high-quality FRP products have consistently delivered successful results, living up to the expectations of the clients and enabling the expansion of their business.  

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