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4 Types of Stair Tread Coverings: Which One is Right for You?

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Jun 27, 2023 8:45:00 AM


When it comes to choosing the right stair tread covering, there are many factors to consider. Safety is of paramount importance, but durability and aesthetics also matter. Different types of stair tread coverings offer varying benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to understand which one is right for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular stair tread coverings available. 

Metal Stair Tread Covers Are a Popular Choice

If you have stairs made of less durable materials like vinyl, stair tread covers made from metal such as aluminum can help prevent wear and tear over time. For better traction on metal stairs, look for a tread with a ridged surface at the leading edge of the stair where the ball of the foot lands during climbing. Since aluminum can still be slick even when it's textured, you may want to find covers that feature grit applications on top of the metal. Be aware that these gritted surfaces may wear over time and lose some of their anti-slip properties.

FRP Stair Tread Coverings Provide Excellent Safety and Durability

FRP stair tread covers are designed to provide maximum safety in high-traffic areas such as offices or other public places. These covers feature a slip-resistant material that provides extra grip and helps reduce falls and slips on stairs. This type of covering is especially good for those who have balance issues or young children who may not be able to navigate stairs safely without proper footing. Some of the other advantages of slip-resistant stair tread coverings include:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easily Fabricated
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Long Service Life

Note: Fibergrate offers multiple industrial stair solutions, including molded treads, pultruded treads, covered stair treads, and slip-resistant stair tread covers.
See how stair tread covers reduced slip and fall hazards at a Coca-Cola bottling plant.

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Vinyl Stair Tread Coverings Are Inexpensive

Vinyl stair tread covers are another option. This material is commonly used in residential settings because it is a low-cost, easy installation option. Vinyl is a popular material for flooring due to its durability and the wide variety of colors and patterns available. These qualities make it easy to match the aesthetic style of a variety of interiors. However, vinyl is typically not textured or slip-resistant, making it less safe than other options like fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Rubber Stair Tread Covers Can Be Tough

Rubber is a cheap and slip-resistant material that can often be attached to existing stair treads to provide a textured surface. This option comes in many different colors and raised patterns. The material can stand up to some wear and tear but will need to be replaced after a while. It tends to show wear, shoe marks, discoloration, and UV damage fairly quickly compared to more durable materials.

Choose the Right Stair Tread Covering for Your Business

stair tread covers 2When it comes to choosing the right type of stair tread covering for your particular needs, there is no one size fits all solution. Each situation is unique depending upon its environment and the level of traffic expected by its users. Slip-resistant covers of all kinds provide protection against slipping on stairs in areas exposed to moisture or high foot traffic.

  • Metal treads provide increased durability compared to vinyl or carpet for office or industrial environments that need a slightly higher level of slip resistance
  • FRP is a specialized (yet affordable) material at the top of the list for superior durability and slip resistance. It has a track record for outlasting other materials and maintaining an attractive appearance even in high-traffic areas.
  • Vinyl is often chosen for its low cost, but it does not offer slip protection unless you add skid-resistant tape or other high-friction materials on top.
  • Rubber treads add cushioning while offering some degree of traction, and are common in many environments with frequent foot traffic where aesthetic appearance is secondary.

No matter which option you choose, make sure it meets all applicable building codes before installation so everyone who uses it stays safe at all times!

Looking for stair tread coverings for your business? 

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