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Selecting and Using Fiberglass Bar Grating: 5 Key Applications

Posted by Fibergrate Marketing on Feb 13, 2024 10:51:57 AM

Selecting and Using Fiberglass Bar Grating

Traditional metal grating and wood pose many limitations – but the world of fiberglass bar grating unlocks a universe of possibilities. From food processing plants to bustling docks, these versatile resins stand strong, offering unparalleled strength, durability, and ease of use. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for your specific needs? 

This guide will illuminate five distinct applications where fiberglass bar grating truly shines.

1. Food & Beverage: Where Hygiene Reigns Supreme

In the world of food and beverage production, where hygiene is paramount, fear not the lurking threat of bacteria. Fibergrate's FGI-AM®, a unique resin system, inhibits bacterial growth on the surface, safeguarding your precious products. This USDA-approved wonder boasts superior slip resistance and corrosion resistance, making it the ideal champion for walkways, drains, and platforms in hygiene-critical zones.



Fibergate's FGI-AM fiberglass bar grating at food processing facility

2. ADA Bar Grating for Decks and Docks

Decks and docks endure a relentless assault from the elements – sun, salt, and relentless waves. Traditional wood and metal crumble under this pressure, succumbing to rot, corrosion, and splinters. But fret not, seafarers, Fibergrate’s EcoGrate® 62 can transform your waterfront haven into a sanctuary of both beauty and practicality.


ADA bar grating

Fibergate's ADA Bar Grating

This lightweight champion with its generous 62% open area fosters light transmission, vital for the health of delicate seagrass and marine life below. Not only does it protect the ecosystem, but it, also, empowers everyone to enjoy the waterfront with confidence. EcoGrate's ADA compliance guarantees smooth, unobstructed passage for wheelchairs and other mobility aids, making the joys of the water accessible to all. Read this dock ramp case study for more information.

3. Enclosures and Flooring: Multifaceted Versatility

The Fibergrate Multigrid is a 1/2" deep multi-purpose, lightweight grating that can be used for a wide range of applications including screens, machinery guards, fencing, dividers, and cages. Multigrid, when fully supported, can be used as slip-resistant flooring where wet or slippery conditions exist. It can also provide a cost-effective, protective walkway for rooftops and trickling filter media to prevent surface damage when personnel are inspecting and servicing equipment.

4. Heavy Duty Applications of Fiberglass Bar Grating

high load molded grating

When traditional molded FRP grating would bend or crack under the weight of forklifts, consider using High Load Capacity (HLC) grating. HLC is available in various resin systems and colors and handles forklift traffic with aplomb. Ideal for trench covers, ramps, and storage areas, HLC grating comes in 1-1/2" and 2" depths, ready to conquer even the most demanding terrain.

5. ADA Compliance: Ensuring Accessibility for All

Creating accessible spaces is not just a moral imperative, it's a legal requirement. Fibergrate's EcoGrate 62 and Micro-Mesh molded gratings meet ADA guidelines, ensuring smooth passage for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Explore how Fibergrate's solutions champion inclusivity in every step of our case study.


This is just a glimpse into the vast potential of fiberglass bar grating. From pedestrian bridges to wastewater treatment plants, these versatile champions are ready to tackle your toughest challenges. So, unleash your imagination, explore the possibilities, and let Fibergrate's bar grating solutions guide you toward a beautiful and functional future.

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