Some of the Most Beautiful Terraces...with a Secret!

Posted by Brittany Fossier on Jul 25, 2014 2:35:00 PM


Urban living is once again becoming more and more popular as the population flocks to the city, the need for alternative outdoor living is becoming increasingly present.  People are turning to rooftops as a way to have an outdoor garden and/or living area in the city.  There are becoming extremely unique and are a great opportunity to make a statement.

While rooftop terraces are beautiful, they also come with a unique set of obstacles.  If not designed properly, rooftop terraces will collect water and form unwanted puddles.  However, a terrace designed properly will include plans for draining water.  

Various products allow for proper drainage.  In order to chose the proper one, you must consider when elements will be exposed to these products and the maintenance requirements for each.

New Orleans Terrace
terrace grating

PedestalsThanks to fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) molded grating, the owner of this residence was able to change an open, boring outdoor living space to a beautiful conversation piece. The FRP Micro-Mesh® molded grating allows for proper draining below the turf.  This is now the perfect outdoor party area!




Rooftop Garden

ADA RampRooftop Garden

Thanks to FRP molded grating, this rooftop garden is easily accessible.  FRP was an ideal material to use in the stair treads and ramp due to the slip resistance and corrosion resistance.  The easy installation, light weight, and slip resistance among various other factors make fiberglass composites the right material for this rooftop trellis.


pultruded grating  rooftop garden  molded grating

Thanks to FRP, this once plain, city roof was turned into a beautiful rooftop garden. Skyfarms is located on the roof of the Eskenazi Health Campus.  It allows people to learn about healthy living and how to grow their own food in an urban campus.

Because FRP does not rust, FRP pultruded grating was used around the planters.  Painted molded grating was used to conceal the air conditioning units.


FRP products have the power to turn a typically boring space into a beautiful space.  Rooftop living spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to products like fiberglass reinforced plastics.

These terraces all found that FRP was the best material for these outdoor applications.  Factors such as the light weight of the material, the corrosion resistance, easy installation, low maintenance, and long service life all greatly contribute to these materials being so popular on roofs. 


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