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Brittany Fossier

When Quality Is an Expectation

With products that are often used in high risk industries, quality is not a goal but an expectation. We insist on having the highest quality fiberglass reinforced plastic products. Even though building quality products may take us more time to manufacture, we insisted on instilling quality at every level of manufacturing. 

Fibergrate-Services.jpgWhile the quality of our products sets us ahead, our services are what sets us apart. Fibergrate’s services are the best in the business. Our employees take such pride in the services we offer.  Meeting or exceeding our competitors’ service standards is not our focus. Our only priority is to make the process as easy as possible for our customers which results in us standing in a class of our own.

fiberglass railingEven before the sale, we have employees who are there to help you. While our corporate office is in Dallas, Texas, we have sales managers located across the country. Because our sales managers are from your area, we understand your unique hurdles. Whether it’s the climate, industry requirements, or government regulations, our salesmen have likely dealt with a similar situation. With local sales managers, we are able to visit your job site to further understand what you need and the requirements of the project. They work above and beyond to find the right solution for you - even if it involves finding a custom solution that is right for your unique project.

You and each of our customers are assigned a Project Manager. He or she will be your single point of contact for any type of question you may have. This works best for everyone.  Our customers appreciate the convenience of knowing who exactly they are going to call when needing help.  They also tend to appreciate that their Project Manager is up to date with the specifics of their project and progress. Our Project Managers work in our 

molding grating

manufacturing plant alongside our engineers.  This allows them to have close contact with our drafters, engineers, and all stages of manufacturing, enabling them to answer you as quickly and efficiently as possible. They will provide you with the best support possible. 

Our service extends beyond the sale.  Our products come with a fully fabricated option, enabling your project to be installed the most efficient way possible. Our salesmen take pride in the quality product they sell.  Once the sale is done, they are eager to see the finished application because they truly believe in Fibergrate's products and love to see them used in new and unique ways.

Although our products have a long service life, our customers typically return to Fibergrate with new projects. This is due to the high level of quality and service they experience with Fibergrate. That is a true testament to our company which we take pride in!



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